Sports, Food, Low Rents Could Spark Burnsville Center

The food hall, called Ate Ate Ate, will open later this spring with nine food vendors, a bar and a beer pull wall. The renovated space in the mall’s north extension will also include an Enson Market store, part of an Asian supermarket chain.

“We think it’s going to bring people back to the center. We think people are going to love hanging out there, coming to events there,” said Patricia Lenzer, operations director for the Chicago-based Windfall Group, the mall’s majority owner and the developer of Ate Ate Ate…

The food hall will pay homage to pan-Asian street markets, Windfall Group says. All the entities involved in the project and the mall’s ownership are minority-owned.

The principals haven’t announced an opening date or the lineup of eateries.

The selection of foods was originally conceived as pan-Asian, but vendor interest has steered it in a more international direction, “which will certainly include some Asian flavors,” said Mary Quinn McCallum, a communications consultant on the Ate Ate Ate project.


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