Omaha’s first ever food hall, Inner Rail, opening Thursday

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks. Inner Rail is not a food court, but a food hall.

At least that’s what its owners are hoping for.

“It’s happening fast but we are really excited about it,” says Aagya Subedi, operating manager and chef at Kathmandu Momo.

Kathmandu Momo got started in Omaha as a pop-up shop about a year ago.

It gained a large following and now it’s location at inner rail will be only the second time it’s had a permanent spot.

“This is a challenge and we are really excited about it, just talking volume-wise. Like we were only open 5 hours a day. Now we are open 7 days, all day 10 to 10 almost,” says Subedi.

Momo is now expanding its menu.

Subedi says, “We are doing Momo, ramen, a lot more. We have sekuwas which are pork, chicken or beef cubes.”

Momo’s isn’t the only local restaurant building inside Inner Rail. All but two of the restaurants have ties to Omaha.

“It’s so diverse here! Like it’s not common to find all these diverse restaurants of food culture in the same spot, which is the most exciting thing for me,” says Subedi.

Space is open and designed for walking, so visitors are encouraged to have a drink and hang out for a bit. Which developers say is the goal.

“People can come. At the same time as make this their evening/ meeting place/ bar or something to eat. There’s a lot of options here, but we also want this to be kind of the heartbeat of this community,” says Akhtar Nawab, chef, and restaurateur.

Inner rail opens up to the public tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning.

Momo’s has another location in the Blackstone district, but this will be it’s first full-service location.

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