New food hall at Cook County Hospital serves several different types of cuisines

CHICAGO — A food hall at the newly renovated Cook County hospital has been named after a pioneering Chicago surgeon from the 1800s.

Dr. John Murphy Hall features several different types of cuisine.

Lexington Betty’s Smokehouse started as a food truck. Now, there are three brick and mortar locations.

“We’re considering this Chicago-style BBQ,” said Dominque Leach. “I like to say it’s a mixture between Memphis and North Carolina.

At Jarabe, the tortillas are made from scratch.

“They’re a combination of mine and mama’s recipes.” said Alexis Vejar. “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

At Lil’ Delta, fried chicken thighs are tossed in amber honey, cayenne and other spices. Chef McCants also makes southern tamales, which are different from Mexican tamales.

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