Food Hall Operations

Food Hall Management • Marketing + Programming • Event Sales + Catering

Food Hall Management

HHQ has outlined the following operations initiatives below:

  • Successful comprehensive management of final number of kitchens providing a variety of cuisines
  • Management of Cost of Goods for all food and beverage operations
  • Management of all labor associated with food and beverage operations and front of house staffing within the food hall
  • Ensure all kitchens and food hall common areas maintain Department of Health compliance
  • Monthly equipment inspections and maintenance
  • Oversight and management of sales tax payments venue
  • Regularly scheduled financial reporting
  • Regular surprise facility and Department of Health-related inspections
  • Monthly pest control and extermination services
  • Management of Receiving Department for all product deliveries, and set up of protocols to ensure accurate delivery of goods to each vendor
  • Implementation of food safety protocols for perishable goods
  • Quality control through a secret shopper system and reporting
  • Management of food delivery platform and personnel
  • HHQ is pleased to offer social media services to the development and successful operations of the project

Marketing & Programming

HHQ has outlined the following operational marketing initiatives:

  • Strong incentive programs designed for both staff and customers to build a loyalist audience and return customers.
  • Strong social media strategy honing in on brand voice, hashtags, influencer campaigns, corporate partnerships, paid social, and digital campaigns.
  • Consistent UGC (user-generated content) tactics via social, influencer and digital marketing. A significant 70% of consumers will consider UGC reviews or ratings before deciding to spend money.
  • Influencer partnership program offering incentives such as F&B and access to exclusive benefits, in return for social content shared across their successful platforms, thus extending brand reach.
  • Partnerships with travel industry, entertainment, sports and leisure, health and wellness, and art-focused corporations for cross-promotional opportunities.
  • Two monthly email newsletters from rigorous mailing list-building tactics that will highlight: (1) F&B updates with news about new seasonal menus, catering packages, lobby bar programming (such as a weekend DJ series), and more; (2) private event capabilities, packages and updates with video and photo content and a user-friendly CTA link to submit an inquiry.
  • Daily marketing support.

HHQ has developed the below programming initiatives that are ingrained in the daily operation of the food hall. We would plan to activate the food hall by programming 6-7 days per week.

  • Monthly programming calendars promoted both in-house and digitally with a focus on partnerships with brands and groups with a strong reach and potential marketing dollars to amplify the experience and drive a separate bucket of revenue. Examples include: DJs/Live Music, Creators Night partnerships, experiential events, tastings evenings, and cross-vendor events (e.g.: “Wine and Cheese” tastings).

Event Sales & Catering

At the food hall, strong event sales and catering initiatives will be a key revenue driver in our operation. The ability to offer both onsite and offsite catering as well as in-market experiential events will play a large part in our marketing initiatives. A robust catering package will be developed prior to opening, tailored toward both small and large scale events and  opportunities. Below are some of the marketing initiatives to position our food hall as a premiere event and catering destination:

  • Develop a collective catering package with select mix and match options from all food hall vendors.
  • Shoot a virtual tour video of our event spaces to live on all digital platforms showcasing the venues in video form, which is proven to garner 60% more leads than static videos.
  • Build a strong SEO program optimizing our online visibility and search results, highlighting key phrases such as “best event spaces”, “best event venue”, “top event catering” and more. We will build content to push area-specific SEO language and increase traffic.
  • Establish heavy PR outreach to targeted publications and platforms with a user base that falls within our target event market.
  • Develop a strong social media marketing strategy targeted at driving private event inquiries including a brand hashtag, event (both onsite and offsite) highlight reel that lives within the homepage of the food hall’s Instagram page, daily posts and stories featuring event capabilities, photos and video of past events, and paid targeted advertising campaigns across all social platforms.
  • Highlight consistent CTAs (calls to action) across all digital platforms focused on driving the potential customer to click through the event page and submit an event/catering inquiry.