Food Hall Development

Vendor Procurement + Culinary Process • Bar Concept • Design + Operations • Recruiting + Onboarding • Branding, PR + Marketing • Technology

Vendor Procurement + Culinary Process

HHQ has found great success in our approach to find interesting pockets of underrepresented cuisines, as well as the common crowd favorites. A collective of local-meets-global is what HHQ believes a food hall embodies. Our passion for food is deeply integrated into who we are. The immigrant experience speaks to us and tells a great story!

Pre-Opening Culinary Deliverables:

  • Create vendor licensing agreements for all stalls
  • Work with ownership to create benchmarks and thresholds required of stall concepts
  • Provide the project team with an analysis of the most current food hall deal terms
  • Set up food vendor supply accounts
  • Coach our vendors to aim for profitability
  • Manage inventory and purchasing
  • Provide Cost of Goods benchmark
  • Create SOPs for training to ensure the highest quality and standards are being achieved at all times

Bar Concept

  • Our beverage program will feature highlighted specialty craft cocktails and local brews while ensuring we complement with accessible casual favorites in order to accommodate the customer interested in grabbing a casual drink with friends or with guests at an event.
  • HHQ will create strategic bar activation points in the space that will drive the overall action and traffic throughout the food hall, as well as be a recognized event space for all occasions. Bar-centric programming such as weekly pint nights, martini happy hour, cocktail classes and bar bingo will be used to push an experiential atmosphere and will have a presence in the event world. With the ability to program outdoor bar space, the opportunities are endless.
  • Focusing on both small and group gatherings and catering/bar package opportunities, the outdoor space for local business after-work hours and week-end traffic will be key, incorporating outdoor games, art activations, concerts, movie/game screenings and pop-up events that seamlessly play off outside bar activity.
  • For those a bit more cocktail savvy, we present our Cocktail Cabinet Program, available for monthly subscription! Our talented team of bartenders will craft an improved, fancy, barrel aged, rare, or simply delicious bottled cocktail for our Cocktail Cabinet Customers, marked with their name and the history of the concocted drink. We urge  customers to feel free to share with themselves, friends, co-workers, or someone they may chance upon at the bar!

Design & Operations

When developing our vision, Hospitality HQ envisions an enticing design that follows a work/eat/play mentality, positioning the culinary collective as a beacon of the community and a centralized hub for food and entertainment. Through atmospheric touch-points such as curated playlists, both communal and cozy seating, ambient lighting and cocktail/table service, Hospitality HQ will create a seamless transition for the customer working on their laptop during breakfast, leading to a cocktail during happy hour, capped off by a date night with a significant other. This backend hospitality strategy creates a space so multi-faceted, the customer has no reason to leave. Our operational strategy will give the food hall the ability to transition from the perfect pitstop for a local tour group to the hottest ticket in town for all things entertainment something for everyone!

HHQ will:

Work with the architect and designer on the overall layout of the food hall and individual kitchen stalls to maximize operational efficiency, including:

  • Equipment selection for food hall stalls to accommodate various cuisine concepts
  • Layout of dry storage areas and refrigerated storage areas
  • Identifying ordering, purchasing, distribution and receiving impact on design and layout
  • Assisting in the design with respect to customer queuing and service flow
  • Creating a “concierge area” to accommodate take-out and delivery to optimize this revenue stream
  • Advise in the purchase of kitchen equipment to secure quality equipment at the most competitive price
  • Determine space requirements for alternative and mixed-use programming (live performance, retail kiosks, podcasting, activation events, and other community-oriented events)
  • Collaborate with the project architect on construction budget, cost analysis, and value engineering alternatives
  • Organize and host bi-weekly meetings focused on design, operations, and PR/marketing
  • Set up vendor contracts for food hall rubbish removal, grease trap cleaning/removal, and hood-filter cleaning
  • Set up maintenance contracts for certificate-based renewals such as vented hoods and fire protection
  • Select insurance for general liability and worker’s compensation
  • Set up payroll accounts for venue employees (i.e. management, porters, etc.)
  • Assist in audio/visual engineering and low-voltage setup
  • Create pre-opening and operational budgets for the food hall
  • Create a critical path timeline for deliverables from Hospitality HQ
  • Choose a Point-of-Sale integrated system for sales and overall financial reporting
  • Implement HHQ’s online ordering solution that fully integrates with the Point of Sale system. This accommodates third-party delivery solutions (DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, etc.), which allows customers to only pay once for aggregated orders from multiple vendors.
  • Set up business permits and sales tax accounts for the food hall
  • Manage application and secure Department of Health permit for the food hall
  • Manage applications and secure liquor permit for the food hall bar
  • Create an entire beverage program inclusive of concept development, menu costing, training of staff, branding and marketing

Recruiting & Onboarding

Hospitality HQ will hire service staff and management with a strong following in the community to further strengthen our “boots on the ground” network capabilities. We also provide extensive and ongoing training of staff to instill in them the vital elements of hospitality. Our food halls are meant to be chef-driven and hospitality-driven experiences for guests where they feel welcome, comfortable and excited to return.

HHQ will:

Work with the architect and designer on the overall layout of the food hall and individual kitchen stalls to maximize operational efficiency, including:

  • Execute search for upper-level management
  • Execute search for Receiving Manager and support staff for receiving department
  • Execute search for Maintenance Manager and support staff
  • Hire and train all managers, Front of House and Back of House staff, including bar
  • Hire and manage Events & Sales Manager and implement community outreach programs
  • Oversee and work with General Manager to hire support staff, such as bussers and sanitation specialists
  • Implement Human Resources onboarding & training to communicate and ensure best practices

Branding, PR & Marketing

  • Brand Package Development:
    HHQ will assist in developing a brand package and identity for the food hall, including logo, mark, pantones, brand voice and brand guidelines both internal and external. Research local tastes and preferences to understand the types of vendors that should be in the food hall.
  • Out of Home Advertising:
    Hospitality HQ’s design team will create captivating advertisements to be promoted throughout the city. From billboards to  transportation signage, the advertising opportunities for the food hall are endless!
  • Public Relations:
    HHQ will engage a local PR firm for a six-month retainer to drive media presence surrounding the grand opening of the food hall, followed by eight weeks of post-opening support. We will work to maximize press coverage and build compelling promotions, vendor features, and partnerships to continuously keep the food hall in the news.
  • Influencer Relations:
    Development of an influencer-relations campaign targeting both hyper-local micro-influencers (brand loyalists) and macro-influencers to help drive relevance and brand awareness. Influencer activations will focus on amplifying the food hall beverage and entertainment offerings.
  • Guerilla Marketing:
    Our local management team will ensure that brand assets, signage, and hard collateral are visible throughout the surrounding area to further drive traffic to the venue. We assure our operations team is highly engaged in the market and has a very “boots on the ground” approach to marketing our offerings.
  • Market Positioning:
    Work to define market positioning of the food hall, vendor mix, unique beverage offerings and connection to loyalist customers, resort guests, the surrounding community and the first time customer.
  • Print & Digital Marketing:
    Hospitality HQ will ensure the food hall is present across top print publications and digital channels, focusing on a strong, updated website presence and promotions across top online food and beverage publications and platforms.
  • Social Media:
    Development of a strong social media strategy for the food hall, honing in on brand voice, hashtags, influencer campaigns, paid social, community management, and digital campaigns. Consistent UGC (user-generated content) tactics will be key via social, influencer and digital marketing.
  • Email Marketing:
    Segmented e-blasts for the food hall mailing list along with focused e-blasts to loyalists and surrounding office, retail and residential building tenants, promoting food and beverage offerings, new specials, alluring vendor information, exciting menu updates, catering and event options, incentives and more.
  • Digital Call to Action:
    Highlight consistent CTAs (calls to action) across all digital platforms focused on driving the potential customer to book a reservation, sign up for mailing lists, follow social media profiles, and register to become a loyalist member.


HHQ’s tech stack includes partners such as Square and Bbot, which provides food and beverage analytics to the hospitality industry, to develop proprietary and scalable solutions for the food hall and restaurant businesses. We view this strategy as a significant competitive advantage in a continuously changing business atmosphere where we have access to constantly updating features and services. As a result, we can provide a higher level of hospitality in a more efficient manner, without having to rely on the business strategy of third parties.

  • Direct integration with our chosen POS and API services to leverage the power of their platform for custom services
  • Aggregated web and e-commerce view across all vendors, so guests can place a single cart order across multiple vendors
  • Direct integration with key third-party delivery apps